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June 22, 2008



I had always heard good things about Porter. Not being far from my work, we tried it a few times. Each time was worse than the others, although I was hoping our first experience was just a "bad day" type thing.
I really don't get the praise/love for Porters.


I love Porter's! The chicken is crispy and tasty. I have always found it to be delicious and priced right


Porter's has the best fried chicken in town. No doubt about it. Crispy, moist and tasty. I always order when my family from the South come in for a visit. They love it, too.


The chicken is quite good, but the sides are about the same as or worse than the KFC on the next block. For the best chicken and sides, hands down it's Popeye's, a mile or so away on Manchester.

Jimmy Johnson

Porters is absolutely the BEST I have ever tasted.Nice and juicy,but not greasy.The crust thin but crunchy and delicious.If you havnt tried it.Its truly a special treat.


I do not see what all the hype is about with Porters either. As an avid foodie, lover of a good peice of fried chicken, Porters was overwelmingly disappointing.
Instant mashed potatoes,frozen precooked and recooked cod, tasteless catfish and Im sorry but Shop N Saves fried chicken is alot better tasting.
This restaurant is lucky it has the hype to live off of, otherwise they would go broke.

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