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January 22, 2009


john doe

Hey guys,
I love what you guys do.
I'm a wine author and my family was in the restaurant business. Now we are the wine business.

as for PIZZA:
There is NO better or more simple way to learn about it then this site
The site is EXTREMELY simple
It's not fancy on purpose.
Everything from the lettering to the colors to the sayings are Neapolitan to the core, just like pizza and coffee.
turn up the volume too
Take Care
Gianluca Pio Rottura


We would like to see TGP expand it's small plate offerings beyond meat and cheese. Otherwise, kudos to TGP for bringing neapolitan pizza to StL

Nick C

great pizza, great restaurant, great time. TGP is the best pizza in town.


My husband and I ventured over to The Good Pie for a holiday lunch yesterday.
We enjoyed the atmosphere, our attentive server Kiesha, who was knowledgeable and good. My roasted mushroom and taleggio pizza and my husband's ceasar salad were very tasty.
Unfortunately, the pizza does not stay hot --the first piece was barely hot enough, and the remaining pieces were lukewarm. Perhaps the metal serving plates could be pre-heated.
So the prices of $13.50 for the pizza, and $7.50 for the small (and anemic looking) salad with 2 anchovies, found us dropping over $25.00 for lunch--with no drinks. Yipes.
Perhaps I would have felt less "taken to the cleaners" if we had ordered one of the lunch specials (salad and pizza), but they were only availble with the basic pizzas.

Richard P.

We adored the pizzas and appetizers at The Good Pie. This joint has excellent service and a pleasant atmosphere, too. We loved the place so much, we came twice during our three day trip to St. Louis. The first time, we started with the mushroom and olives appetizers. Both were excellent, and generously served. The mushroom and puttanesca pies we ate were sublime.
For our second visit, we began with a delicious mixed-green salad, and followed with a repeat mushroom pie, plus a terrific marinara pie. (You can be creative here, getting traditional pies or those with cheese/no sauce or sauce/no cheese, for instance.) We finished our second meal with one of the best apple pies we've ever tasted.
And for both visits to The Good Pie, the service was outstanding--extremely friendly and very professional staff.
Don't miss The Good Pie!

star trek voyager

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The Good Pie no longer allows smoking which makes sense because the place is not very big and the smells coming from the oven are wonderful.


3 of us tried the good pie recently. Great environment/decor, reminded me of what you might see in NYC. Very reasonably priced wine list. Nice caesar salad with just the right amount of dressing, and the sieved, rather than coddled, egg didn't detract. Now for the bad news. The pizza wasn't very good. Both pies were limp with absolutely no crunch or crispness, and the cheese was barely melted. How they achieved this state while at the same time portions of the crust had some char is a mystery. All three of us agreed that the pizza I make out of my 60's era magic chef with a custom hearth of my own design is far better.

Mike Geary

Looks outstanding to me! I absolutely love pizza! =)

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