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June 11, 2009



This is the worst restaurant ever. We were one of the first to arrive, and it took over 10 minutes for anyone to take our drink order. Then it took another 1/2 hour for them to come and take our order. The waiter we had acted like he had been on another planet. The food was terrible. If you want a true italian restaurant to go to go across the street to lorusso's cucina. They know how to take care of their customers and cook true italian food.


Ms Nancy- Certainly if you are going to slam and advise peopole to not patronize a restaurant you should explain what you thought was so terrible about the food. Untimely service can be excusable, poor food isn't.


I've been going to Brazie's for over 20 years and have yet to have a single dish that wasn't perfectly prepared. Staff is always attentive. Wine list is small, but reasonably priced. Their beef dishes are excellent, and the quality of the fillet is always top notch. The pastas are perfectly prepared as well, with both red and cream sauces nicely done. One of our favorites


I have been a patron of Brazies for many years. At their current and previous location. Not once have I ever been disappointed in the food or service. I have recommended them countless times. And no matter what else I order I make sure I have some Tomato Florentine soup. It is outstanding. I can't dine in today so I just ordered my birthday lunch from Brazies. Fettuccine Diablo, Salad and Tomato Florentine. All my favorites from Brazies. And if you have the opportunity to me him Brazie is a pleasure to know.

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