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August 12, 2010


the little people

Great food....too bad they still owe the builders thousands of dollars!



My fiance and I had planned to have my wedding rehearsal dinner at Copia. Our experience started off great - we booked the banquet room with a $500 deposit back in August, took our parents (who live out-of-town) to tour the venue, and had our tasting scheduled for January.

It started going sour when we received an email from our Copia Event Coordinator saying he would no longer be with the restaurant. It took 2 weeks for the new person to contact me to confirm our January tasting was still on. When we arrived to our tasting, the hostess looked at us like we were aliens - they obviously were not expecting us. The owner finally came to greet us 10 minutes later, and asked for another 5 minutes to read over our file so he could "at least pretend he knew what was going on."

I explained the 5 entrees we wanted to taste, and he said NO to one of them because it was "too heavy," and "no one will order it," and refused to let us offer it even after I explained it was my dad's favorite dish. When I told him that we had previously arranged (and confirmed) for our guests to choose from 1 of 3 mini desserts, he asked if I confused Copia with McDonald's. Later, when the room mnimum was brought up (to which had already been confirmed months earlier for $1,750), he laughed in my face and said "try $3,500." So I had to go back and forth with him, send them confirmation emails, the whole nine-yards.

A couple days later, after they were still trying to nickle-and-dime us, I asked for our deposit back, they said they'd send it to me. But after everything we had gone through up to this point, I decided to go there and get the check myself. They said they couldn't give us our $500 back because the restaurant is now under new ownership, and the former owners had my deposit check. BS. While at the tasting, I asked the owner how long he had been the owner for, and he said 1 1/2 years. We now have lawyers involved.

Save yourself. Trust me, you do not want to put up with the ego of this place.

jason alford

had very bad experience
management very unfriendly

food overpriced for what it is

jason alford

bad food
bad service
but at least it was overpriced

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