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November 08, 2007



10 days ago, tried it and loved it. Brought family into town for a celebration with a party of 6.. What a mistake...
Upon arrival, No record of my reservation... No sensitivity to missing reservation, no acknowledgment of request for our previous waiter, no sensitivity to our 'birthday' event, no sensitivity to children (we were sat at the bar area), we were given the impressions that we should be honored to be allowed in their company...
Appetizers were served cold...
They were reheated... so warmed up escargo tastes like paper mache...
Spoke to management... who promised excellent follow through... and never appeared again (the wimp)... leaving it to the poor waiter to tough it out... and the Maitre'd could only perform the 'hurt-puppy glare' thing...
The hambergers for the 7 and 9 year-olds were okay... so maybe the ARAKA is a reasonable hamberger joint with a fake persona.


I agree with Larry.

I ate here tonight for the first time. I think the service here was terrible considering the location and at least the restaurant's facade. We arrived, told the hostess our last name and all she said was "OK" with a blank stare. Our party had already arrived and we were left to find them ourselves. The waiter seemed anxious to hurry to take our order but got the hint as our group of 7 were engrossed in conversation. Perhaps he took the hint too personally and when we were ready he was engaged for a long time with another table. Unfortunately the wait-staff was spread to thin, which is can be excused since it can happen to anyone. The result was the manager frequently stepped in to expedite the service. Expedite, however, he did not. After receiving our flatbreads and appetizers in a timely manner, we were left waiting in perpetuity for our main courses. I would estimate we waited in excess of 45 minutes without any indication as to when we could expect our meals. The plates finally arrived but half of our dishes was already nearly room temperature as it had clearly sat out far too long. I was really happy with my Bay Scallops and the rest of the appetizers but the rest of the food was clearly no one's best effort. I was told the seafood was what was very good at this restaurant (but only after I finished my strip steak). Restaurants should be prepared for busy Friday and Saturday nights - Araka was not. There was chaos on the floor and the manager should have been at least managing guests' expectations. I certainly won't be coming back to Araka any time soon - I would at least consider giving their fish dishes a chance. Their service needs MAJOR revamping both in the kitchen as well as front of house. Clearly there is a lack of direction in the kitchen as it seems that a consultant put the menu together and left the restaurant to fend for itself - a year after the above article was posted, the menu still includes the exact same dishes. The foundations here are generally good but Araka does a poor job of taking its food to the next level. Don't waste your time.

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