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May 22, 2008



It's so good to know that there's a decent brunch in Kirkwood!

Paul Richard

Be careful when holding a special event here. Always underestimate you group size because they are strict on their guaranteed numbers. We will never have a BNI event here again due to this inflexibility.


This is the second time I've seen a post about the "inflexibility" of booking large parties. I understand the frustration, but you must also understand how things work for the restaurant. Sunset makes all of its food fresh from scratch, and when they have a reservation for 100, they cook for 100. When only 80 show up, that extra food is already bought and prepared. If you want to go somewhere where all the food is in boxes in the freezer, then they probably won't charge you for those extra meals, because they can just save them and serve them next week.

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