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June 19, 2008



I love Los Tarascos! Their verde sauce is great, but it's certainly potent heat-wise. Fantastic mole, and I must recommend their parrillada, sort of a mixed grill with corn cob thirds, beef, pork, shrimp, chorizo, chicharrones - it's good.


Great restaurant. Maybe the best Mexican in ST. Louis area. Very broad menu---including Conchinita Pibil is a regional Yucatan dish--plus traditional dishes like Tacos al Pastor and Menudo. Portions are moe than ample. I recommend it to everyone.


The decor is the best of any Mexican restaurant I've ever been too, and those number in the hundreds. The food is good, not great. They don't have a single salsa that is up to the standards of Pueblo Solis or My Family (on the Rock Road in St. Ann) or Lily's, but the service is friendly. My wife enjoyed the pumpkin flower quesadilla.
All I ask is to offer a simple arbol tomatillo salsa, without any of the cilantro that is somewhat overdone in their green tomatillo salsa. Oh, and Joe's right about the margs, but that's true most places if you don't go top shelf. Heck, the Kool-Aid type margs at Hacienda (in Rock Hill) win readers' choice awards. I'd say the best choice is a big ol' glass of St. Louis tap water and a bottle of Negra Modelo, maybe two.

Steve A. Brown

I love Los tarascos!!
Their food is great!!
The place is really comfortable too and the decor its pretty authentic and cool.

Last night I ate there they gave me their new website. Check them out.



I grew up on the flavors of Mexico. I moved to STL three years ago and have the good fortune to work a couple of blocks from Los Tarasco's. This is NOT TexMex/American food.
This is the best, most authentic Mexican food you'll find this side of central Mexico. Try the different regional dishes, the Tinga is fantastic, Barbracoa is served on weekends and worth a 60 mile round trip to eat!
This is a laidback atmosphear, don't be in a hurry. I eat here at least twice a week for the last couple of years. Ask for "pickles", the one with carrots, it's a delight!

Bryan Simmons

They should change their name to Los Tarascos Mexican Restaurant. They changed their menu--I still have a copy of their old to go menu--and they no longer really resemble a taqueria. A few years earlier, another fantastic taqueria called My Family similarly gringoized their place. The food is still decent, and the salsas are great. The decor at Los Tarascos is AA+, maybe the cutest restaurant I've ever seen, but for real taqueria food in that neck o' the woods, try the little hole-in-the-wall a little west on the Rock Road called Taqueria El Jalapeno.

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