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June 15, 2008



As someone who has probably never made something "homemade" without setting something else on fire, I find what you can do DIY-style to be truly respectable :) And this cheesecake looks delicious! I have a quick kitchen appliance question for you. I'm planning to get an electric mixer for my mom for her birthday next month...here's a website I've found to be a good resource (below). Do you have any suggestions about anything on that list?


Thanks! I look forward to more pictures and recipes :)


Depends on what kind of a baker your mom is. Does she bake a lot, or fantasize about doing so? Does she have counter room for a big mixer? I'm a big believer in Consumer Reports and the reports in COOKS magazine, so you might check there. But my personal opinion would probably go for the smallest of the Kitchen Aid mixers (and check out all your color options; there are some great ones) or, for the sake of the first truly great mixer I knew, one of the big old-style Mixmasters, which have always seemed to me to take less bowl-scraping.

Greg Reynolds

This looks like a good cheesecake, but I been looking for an cheesecake I remember from my childhood. My grandparents were from St. Louis and whenever we travelled there, they would bring back several cheesecakes for the entire extended family. I have not been able to find it and no one still alive knows where they got them. I'm hoping someone khows a source for them.

The desription as best I can remember is very heavy and dry almost crumbly cheesecake, with black raisins and topped with nutmeg, and on bread style crust. The cake was so dense it was crumbly almost like a blue cheese.

If anyone knows of this style cake and knows a source please email me at Tngregor@aol.com

Thanks for any help.

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