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August 14, 2008



Marginal at best. This place would never survive in city with more competition or a populace more familiar with thai food. One of the curry dishes we had actually included frozen peas and carrots. The larb was missing the vibrant piquancy associated with that dish. The pad se ew, a rice noodle dish, included reg. broccoli rather than the traditional-but more expensive-chinese broccoli and was somewhat clumsily prepared. One of the traditional accompaniments to thai noodle dishes is a sauce made with fish sauce, vinegar and serrano chilis. Until now I had never been to a thai place that didn't have it. Not only that, but the waitress had no idea what I was talking about, leading me to believe if the owners are thai, or more likely, they just have no respect for authenticity and their customers. Portions are extremely small and therefore the prices are high for what you get. We're not huge eaters, but the two of us were hungry after having 3 dishes. Oh well, I was trying to step away from my usual chinese habit, but I guess it's back to wei hong on olive.

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