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August 28, 2008


Jason Stokes

Great review of what sounds like a great restaurant. Also, Iron Barley has bread and butter as a menu item, for $2, if I recall correctly.


I ate there for my birthday the other day. I'll never go there again.

I ordered the Sunday special(which was the fried chicken). I'll be dead honest, I've had better fried chicken from Shop n Save.

When my kid's mini burgers came out, they were pink on the inside. Had to send them back to get re-cooked.

Our waitress also had to keep coming back to our table to ask us details about our order. Which she still managed to get wrong.

Overall, $70 not well spent. I'd suggest Applebee's next time.


Very nice, well written review! Cardwell's food is usually consistent and very solid. I hope their gamble out there pays off. I'll have to try it for lunch since I work out that way.


I have been there a few times and I have to say "me and my husband love it!" The food is delicious and the service goes above and beyond. We are happy that a non chain restaurant has come to St Charles.


According to the elder cooks in my family, the "cobblers" that the reviewers were describing are actually a type of "brown betty". Cobblers typically have a crust rather than a cake-like pudding poured around the fruit, as the reviewer mentioned here.


Great atmosphere. Service is a B, new servers. I think this will get better with time. Food has been wonderful every time. I was happy to see that the menu has expanded on my last visit. I've been here a handful of times.


A wonderful dining experience in St Louis. A phenomenal meal! I don't mind spending money EVER for great food and this was no exception. Nice wine, wonderful appetizers, unbelievably enjoyable meal for the area and for the money and a slice of carrot cake for dessert that I can't get out of my mind. (or thighs) As for the service...it was spot on. Friendly and timely. Nothing more, nothing less...Also a friendly greeting when my group walked in and a 'thank you for your business' when we walked out the door (which is a huge miss for most businesses in general) I was pleasantly impressed with the entire experience. I travel extensively, am a frequent, frequent diner, and this was a better than usual experience. My only regret...I don't live closer so I can enjoy more of this menu since I was there on business. I did, however, buy a gift certificate for my client hoping for brownie points for my next visit. Thanks for a delicious experience BC's from some very satisfied guests. Hope to see you next visit.

Complete kitchen

The food is delicious and the service goes beyond. We are pleased that a restaurant chain came to St. Charles.

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