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October 26, 2008


washu student

I disagree. The chef/owner should stick to Western cuisine. None of these supposedly Asian-inspired dishes on the menu tasted authentically Asian or inspired.
Simply plating a dish attractively and calling it "Modern American" and serving it in a nice atmosphere does not make it tasty and certainly does not make it worth paying for.


You should really check out The Corner Pub and Grill in Valley Park, really great food, especially their hamburgers. Worth a visit.


We had a mixed experience. The green curry chicken was, as you advertised, quite flavorful and not shy on the spice. We enjoyed it. The pad thai, however, was way off base -- much closer to a sweet and sour sauce and quite cloying. We will try Bobo again but I am somewhere between your review and the unimpressive feedback from the washu student (piece of advice -- when you are critical it helps to offer some substance).


slightly below average, the seared salt shrimp were ok, but my pho was a no...

Mia Lee is still the king in my book.


I'd say anything other than Kayak's is a breath of fresh air.

T. Phelan

Just had our first meal at Bobo Noodle. I had high expectations and was not disappointed. Real food withreal flavors at a very reasonable price. I have missed Zoe's Pan Asian since it closed, love I Fratellini, and am delighted to have Bobo in the neighborhood.
The curried chicken with soba noodles was the best!
Zoe pays attention to details and you can taste and see that at Bobo.

washu student

Hm. Well, to specify, the wok-fried seafood noodle was ridiculously salty, and oddly curry-flavored. The vegetable dumplings consisted of four ordinary-tasting dumplings falling apart in a bland broth. As for the curry chicken, it was decent, but you can get it cheaper at a thai restaurant on the loop.


I enjoyed an amazing lunch at this new gem. I sampled several salads and the Pad Thai - delish! The staff was very attentive. Can't wait to go back.

P Thompson

I went with a date last weekend and was nothing but pleased. It was a fun atmosphere, with fantastic food to die for. Oh and washu student, please don't double post with criticism, I don't believe that you're neive mind can understand the cruelty of your posts and the impact they have on the owner.

Mike S

I went expecting something similar to Zoe that was in the west end. I left disapointed, as my pad thai was too gummy and tasted off. I can't describe it, but I may have been basing my opinions on that of the old Zoe.

To be honest, I haven't missed Zoe much, since it was replaced with a restaurant that turns out more consistent meals.


I went with a friend on Tuesday night trying not to have been swayed by reviews. There was a wait that was longer then I would have liked especially with the cold door opening repeatedly. The space is really not conducive to waiting and while it looks nice, it falls short of being a place I'd want to go for a relaxing dinner. We ordered the veggie spring rolls, lemongrass beef, and curried chicken. I asked them to make the lemongrass beef medium heat and they said they could not as everything was already seasoned. We sat down and did not have to wait too long for our food. Our overpriced spring rolls were good but the sauce that came with it was amazing. The beef in the lemongrass dish was excellent but they were a little too heavy with the sesame oil making the noodles almost greasy and I wasn't sure why they included an extra side of sauce. The chicken in the curried chicken was also delicious as were the udon noodles but there was no evidence of peanuts in the dish like the menu suggested. We didn't feel that the dishes were salty like some reviews have said but they were definitely highly seasoned. Our waters stayed filled as were our stomachs and we felt that it was an interesting experience. Would we go back? Maybe but it's not at the top of my list.


My wife and have had several excellent meals here and it is always among our recommendations for people looking to try something new. Kudos to Zoe for breaking out of the standard conservative design and going with a sleek minimalist interior. You can almost pretend you have escaped St. Louis for a while!

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