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May 25, 2009



Have you checked the title of your blog recently? These theatre and movie reviews are not Eats and Drinks. And your travels are not St. Louis. Review and write about whatever you want, but I have this site bookmarked to get news and reviews about St. Louis dining and restaurants.


Dear Nosh,

We always enjoy hearing from you. The fact is, we get asked about movies and theater quite a lot, probably because Joe reviewed both of them for the Post and then KWMU for decades, and they connect him with that as well as restaurant opinions. And we've been writing about food when we travel ever since we began the blog. (We get asked for suggestions on that quite often, too.)

Thanks for dropping by.


Personally, I'm thrilled that Joe and Ann have expanded the focus of their blog. I don't read just for the reviews, I read for the quality of the writing. Besides, dinner and a night out at the theater are such a perfect match...keep up the good work!

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