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May 19, 2009


Mike S.

I love this place!

The atmosphere is rather unassuming, but the food is great for the price point. The margaritas are tasty too. Be prepared for a wait if you go on the weekend, it fills up.


Fried Shrimp Tacos are the best item I've ever had there! Absolutely delicious!


My wife and I don't eat at Nachomama's anymore. Here's why:

I was hired on to work as a cook after I was told cashier and dining room positions weren't available. Despite not being told I specifically had to already have cooking experience they did NOT train me and, after seeing that I hadn't committed the four page menu to memory and immediately picked up on a skill for which I was NOT told I HAD to have experience on a SATURDAY NIGHT, yanked me off steamtable after A DAY.

Then he decided, ironically, to use me out in the dining room. That also only lasted for a day (after I KICKED ASS out there and didn't complain ONCE like their other DR employee). For the next two shifts before he let me go I cleaned grime off outdoor tables and the outside of the building.

My wife and I don't care if their food is good now--if that's how employees are going to be treated, neither of us want anything to do with the likes of them.


Nachomama's is the best! I work in the area so I'm able to go everyday during lunch. I've tried just about everything on the menu and have to say the LARGE "Supreme" burrito with queso on top is by far my favorite item.. Picture a one pound burrito stuffed with rice, beans, cabbage, cheese, beef (chicken, fish, or veggie mix), delicious guac, and sour cream drizzled with creamy queso dip.. mouthwatering to say the least. The people are great and the service is quick but the food is never compromised! I would advise anyone to go into Nachomama's whether you're in the mood to chow or just stop in for a margarita and some chips and guac..

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