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June 26, 2009


Joe Farmer

Since you state that you believe Kenner how do you propose that we feed the world without conventional farming and large-scale meat production? Organic? Free range? Please.

Check out today's article in STLToday about how poorly the organic milk business is doing and jsut how twisted the 'rules' are in the business.

Organic is not better, it's elitist. My produce man would laugh that people paid $1.59 a pound for organic bananas when conventional bananas were $.59 per lb. --- just so they could feel better about themselves. Now that the economy has nearly collapsed Mr & Mrs consumer are interested in quality and price, neither of which organic offers.

Lastly,don't you find it ironic that America's largest organic grocer is Wal-Mart!


As a producer or rancher of 100% grass fed beef, I am thrilled that a documentary such as Food, Inc. is getting national exposure. America needs to realize what has happened to our food supply and that there are better and affordable ways to procure our food. The biggest problem is that we've become a society based on convenience and immediate satisfaction. I realize it's more convenient to go to one store and buy everything, but our health is suffering because of it. I encourage everyone to visit their local farmer's markets during season as you will be amazed at the variety of produce and meats available at fair prices. Most farmer's don't have organic certification, but if you talk with them you'll realize most adhere to organic practices or better. A good percentage could qualify organic, but don't have the funds to go through the certification process or wish to exclude outside agencies(government, etc.)from being invloved.

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