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December 18, 2009



You obviously are not a fan of James Cameron.

I thought you would at least appreciate some of the artistic elements of Pandora.
The sound was also great.

Watching the movie in 3d was somewhat distracting, but a very nice effect. I found myself paying more attention to it than the film at times, I will admit.

I think you may have misunderstood how they depicted the human to Pandoran connection. The human doesn't magically appear, but is linked to a genetically grown host. The concept is far-fetched, but so is flying to another planet in 6 years or hyperdrive flight.

Another concept of the movie that you seemed to ignore is the basic premise of a people connected to their natural world versus a people only greedily consuming from it. I think that is a much deeper concept than you give the movie credit for.

It may have been too much of everything you listed, but it was far from the worst film ever created, as you have indicated.

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